Pipelines, railroads, and telecommunication systems are often designed to share rights-of way with high voltage electric circuits. The induced voltages and currents due to the AC interference effects can cause a number of safety issues and pipeline integrity damage if not properly mitigated.

AC interference effects have been identified as a cause of AC Corrosion mechanisms on pipelines. It is possible for AC Corrosion to occur at induced voltages less than those considered acceptable for personnel safety.

ARK Engineering is recognized as an industry leader in identifying interference issues and has extensive experience designing mitigation to reduce these effects on facilities. Our staff has experience in projects from single facilities like valve and meter sites to pipelines running hundreds of miles in all sorts of terrain across the United States and internationally.

ARK Engineering staff are leaders in developing industry standards through professional and academic committee leadership and educational presentations.

AC & DC Inteference

AC Interference:

  • Soil Resistivity Testing
  • Multi-Layer Soil Resistivity Measurements and Computer Modeling
  • Electrical Ground Resistance-to-Earth Measurements
  • Electric Circuit Transmission System Analysis
  • Computer Modeling of Induced AC Interference Effects and Fault Currents
  • AC Interference Mitigation Design
  • Touch and Step Voltages Analysis and Mitigation Design
  • AC Corrosion Mitigation Design

DC Interference:

  • Transit System Current Analysis
  • Field Testing for Foreign Pipeline Influence
  • HVDC Analysis
  • Computer Modeling of Stray Current Interference
  • Interference Mitigation Design
  • Telluric Current Analysis and Mitigation System Design

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